Opération des seins pour Augmentation/Réduction/Plastie mammaire

Plastic surgery reconstructive and aesthetic

in Lyon and Geneva
Chirurgie esthétique
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Breast surgery

Mammoplasty, breast augmentation in Lyon and Geneva

Breast augmentation: breast implants or fat-grafting mammoplasty (lipomodelling)

Nicely-shaped breasts are the result of a balance between volume, shape and body outline. The improvement of the first two criteria might require the use of a breast implant (round or anatomical), or some fat (lipomodelling), possibly combined with a correction made to the skin envelope.

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There are two options when trying to compensate for a loss of volume in a breast:

  • - The use of autologous adipocyte fat tissue, drawn from areas of the body which have some excess fat (lateral thighs, tummy or inner side of the knees for example), and then re-injected into the breasts. This technique generally increases the breast size by one cup whilst concurrently improving the body shape.
  • - The use of an implant with a volume and shape chosen according to your chest size to guarantee the most natural result. The correction of a breast ptosis can also be performed at the same time.

Breast implants do not longer need to be replaced after 10 years.


The surgery lasts for one and a half hours, is performed under general anaesthetic, and requires an overnight stay. A surgical drain is inserted to avoid any haematoma. The patient is discharged the following day with waterproof dressings placed on the surgical site to allow immediate showering, and a special supportive post-surgical bra to be worn for three weeks.

Physical exercise can only be resumed from the sixth week.

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Mammoplasty for ptosis (sagging breasts)

Thanks to a simple and almost painless surgical procedure, the volume loss associated with sagging skin tissue in a breast can be corrected to improve a hollow-looking cleavage. This volume loss is the natural consequence of aging and can also be observed following pregnancies or significant weight loss.

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A medical consultation will allow the surgeon to recommend the appropriate volume as well as the required scar length to reshape your breasts.

Usually, there is a peri-areolar scar as well as another, vertical, scar. Sometimes, a third, horizontal scar in the breast fold is necessary. The surgical scars will fade over the period of a year. The surgeon will advise you on specific treatments to enhance the quality of the final result.


This type of surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and lasts for between one and a half and two and a half hours on average. An overnight stay in hospital is necessary, during which a surgical drain avoids any risk of haematoma.

The patient is discharged the following day with waterproof dressings placed on the surgical site to facilitate showering, as well as a special supportive post-surgical bra, which must be worn for three weeks after the operation.

Physical exercise can only be resumed from the sixth week post-surgery.

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Breast reduction / reduction mammoplasty

Overly large breasts can lead to cosmetic problems, but are also responsible for functional complications, such as back pains and making some daily or physical activities difficult.

A volume reduction combined with a reshaping of the breast normally corrects the problem.

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During the medical consultation, the surgeon will go thoroughly through the details of the recommended scar length and volume loss that will guarantee the most balanced result for your body shape. This type of surgery does not prevent further pregnancies or breastfeeding.


Under general anaesthetic, the procedure normally lasts for between two and three hours and requires a stay of one or two nights in hospital with a surgical drain to avoid any potential haematoma.

The patient is discharged with waterproof dressings placed on the incisions to allow showering, and a special medical supportive bra to be worn for three weeks.

Physical exercise can only be resumed after the sixth week post-surgery.

The scars will fade within one year and require specific treatments in order to become as subtle as possible.

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