Prothèses de fesses ou lipostructure à Lyon et à Genève

Plastic surgery reconstructive and aesthetic

in Lyon and Geneva
Chirurgie esthétique
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Buttock augmentation

Butt implant or lipofilling in Lyon and Geneva

Lipofilling or implant

Flat buttocks resulting from weight loss are frequent and can be treated in two different ways :

  • With autologous fat injection to create the missing curve, or by means of buttock augmentation thanks to a gluteal implant.
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A pre-operative consultation will help to define which technique is the most appropriate to correct the missing volume. Lipofilling (autologous fat injection) is a straightforward technique that is fairly painless post-operatively, but which requires a substantial fat donor-site (generally the outer thighs or abdomen).

The quality of the result will be affected by weight variations over time.

Alternatively, the insertion of a gluteal implant under the buttock muscle layers is a technique providing a natural and long-lasting result, although post-operative pains may be experienced for a period of two weeks.


Performed under general anaesthetic, the procedure lasts for between one and a half and two hours. A surgical drain will prevent any risk of haematoma for 24 hours, during which an overnight stay is generally required.

Sleeping face-down is advised for 15 days, as well as sitting with a pillow behind the legs to help raise the buttocks and avoid any pressure.

Physical exercise is not allowed for two months and a medical leave is necessary for 15 days.

The final result will fully be appreciated six months post-surgery only.