Lifting cervico-facial à Lyon et à Genève

Plastic surgery reconstructive and aesthetic

in Lyon and Geneva
Chirurgie esthétique
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Neck and facelift in Lyon and Geneva

Lifting :

Facelifts have been proven to have excellent results, as well as giving patients increased self-confidence. Multiple options exist, such as the correction of excess volume by liposuction; autologous fat injection to fill hollow areas; and tightening of the muscles and skin. They can be combined in order to obtain the most natural result for each patient’s face.
Complementary treatments like the use of botulinum toxin, chemical peels or laser resurfacing, associated with the injection of stem cells, will lead to greater results.

Procedure :

Depending on the type of facelift, the procedure will be performed under local anaesthetic with sedation, or under mild general anaesthetic. The operative time varies between two and four hours according to the surgical complexity.
An overnight stay is essential and no surgical drain is necessary. The patient is discharged the next day with light dressings placed over the ears to cover the subtle incision which is concealed in the hairline, in the ear canal and behind the ear prior to disappearing in the lower scalp.

Side-effects and complications :

This operation generally has few complications, the most common being a haematoma which needs draining during the hours following the surgery. This has no consequence and in no way impairs the final result.

Recovery phase :

The sutures are removed seven to ten days after the operation. For certain types of facelift, a compression mask might be required overnight for three weeks. This surgery leaves very few marks on the face; only the eyelid surgery that is sometimes carried out in conjunction with the procedure can cause bruising, and this usually subsides within the next ten days.
It usually takes six-months to appreciate the final result of a facelift; as for the scars, they need protecting with a total sunblock lotion for a year.

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