Otoplastie, opération des oreilles décollées à Lyon et Genève

Plastic surgery reconstructive and aesthetic

in Lyon and Geneva
Chirurgie esthétique
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Ear surgery

Otoplasty, ear-pinning surgery in Lyon and Geneva

Ear surgery :

The surgical procedure for correcting prominent ears, also called otoplasty, aims at treating two auricular defects evident to a varying degree, depending on the individuals : the forward projection of the auricle resulting in an abnormally open angle between the ear and the skull; and the underdeveloped antihelical fold, which gives a too smooth, like ”unpleated”, aspect to the ear, thus reinforcing the prominent effect.

Procedure :

The otoplasty, performed under local or mild general anaesthetic, is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately one hour. The incision is located on the posterior side of the ear and the stitches are removed seven days post-surgery. A compression bandage (sport band) must be worn at night for the following 36 weeks.
Complications are very rare; however, as the cartilage is fragile, any physical exercise is forbidden for one and a half months in order to avoid any potential healing problems.