Remodelage des lèvres à Lyon et Genève

Plastic surgery reconstructive and aesthetic

in Lyon and Geneva
Chirurgie esthétique
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Lip surgery

Lip enhancement in Lyon and Geneva

Cosmetic lip surgery :

Due to the natural aging process, lips are getting thinner and less full. This is worsened by the natural maturation of the skin and the gradual elongation of the upper lip, totally covering the upper incisors, whilst the drooping lower lip shows the lower teeth and incisors.

Different options for lip rejuvenation :

The first thing to consider before any lip enhancement procedure is the length of the upper lip. Indeed, artificial-looking lips are always those that are too long as a result of the injection of silicone (now banned) or fillers. This is usually the work of a practitioner rather than a specialist. The more sensible approach would usually be to shorten the upper lip in combination with an augmentation by means of lipofilling. In such cases, the result is totally natural, as both the shape and volume give the lip a youthful appearance.

Lips can also be rejuvenated thanks to chemical peels, dermabrasion or laser techniques applied to the upper lip, which helps to reduce fine wrinkles. Some of these wrinkles can also be treated by hyaluronic acid injections, which can be used to compensate for volume loss in either the upper or lower lip. This volume augmentation will last for one year, whereas a lipofilling will have a permanent effect.

Because the lips are a part of the mouth, their rejuvenation can sometimes be carried out in conjunction with complementary treatments aimed at improving the teeth or even the chin, which can sag due to a loss of volume.

Only a plastic surgeon will be qualified to advise you on the lip enhancement surgery that would best suit the harmony of your face. There is nothing more artificial than hypertrophic lips, or lips that are overly long in a matured and thinned face.